Madhubanti Bagchi at Durgabari-Ballygunge,Kolkata

Amborish Pota Madhubanti Bagchi Durgabari-2019


Recently went to Durgabari located near Gariahat,Kolkata for a concert cum social gathering organised by Durgabari committee where artists like Madhubanti Bagchi,Moruddyan performed and audience was overjoyed by their performance.

You can find out more about her on this link.

Amborish Pota Durgabari-2001


Amborish Pota Durgabari-2002


Amborish Pota Durgabari-2007


Amborish Pota Durgabari-2017


Amborish Pota Durgabari-2018


Amborish Pota Durgabari-2021


Amborish Pota Durgabari-2022


Amborish Pota Durgabari-2034


Amborish Pota Durgabari-2038


Amborish Pota Durgabari-2045





Amborish Pota Durgabari-2046


Amborish Pota Durgabari-2049


Rahul Pota Durgabari-0007


Rahul Pota Durgabari-0008


Rahul Pota Durgabari-0032


Rahul Pota Durgabari-0049


Rahul Pota Durgabari-0098


Rahul Pota Durgabari-9999



More photos coming up,keep an eye on this page.


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