Should You Hire Someone with an Entrepreneurial Spirit? What Are the Pros and Cons?

In what situation is it okay to hire an entrepreneurial spirit?

Well, this is a very interesting question because of few instances in your career as an HR or when you’re hiring someone for your company you will come across someone who has the urge to learn and to start something of themselves on their own.

How should you handle this? Should you or should you not hire the person?.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of hiring someone who has this entrepreneurial side of him or her.



  1. Can be the person who is working in your company might lure away all your employees or all of your top performing employees to his own startup and then he or she might convince them that I have this idea for which I’ll work I’ll gain the capital and I will invest this money into our startup and I want you to be a part of it and I will give you the equity of some valuation.
  2. The person who has this spirit will try to make connections and contacts with everyone because every designated employee is a tool for every different department that a startup needs. The point is similar to point 1 but it is important, they will try to extract as much knowledge as they can, for example, they will try to that person will try to extract knowledge from your sales department like:Who is your client
    Where do you get that client?
    How do you approach your client?
    How do you contact that client etc?


  1. The biggest advantage of hiring someone with this entrepreneurial spirit is that they are full of energy and they will do anything and everything that you tell them.An entrepreneur a person with that entrepreneurship spirit they will be always they will be excited to do more and learn more from everything and they will be ready to jump in, to take any responsibility from which they can learn and gain experience.What you can do is use them to your businesses advantage, your benefit.
  2. Remember that it won’t last for a very long period of time for example if you have X in your company you cannot expect X to be there in your company for 15 years for 20 years, but if they are in your company for maybe six months for two for even two years you have this opportunity you have two full years to make sure that you utilize X to your own benefit to your own company’s benefit.Make sure that you take enough advantage of that enthusiasm they have in them.

These pros and cons are going to help you grow your business a lot.

This is what happens and this is how small business can grow very fast.

This is another important thing, don’t fire X employee who is good for you, for example, If X is leaving your company, back them up don’t hate them, in fact be a parent but make sure they are not disturbing a market so in a way you are able to monitor their growth you’re able to monitor their movement and everything.

In that way, you don’t make nemesis for you in the market and you always are on good terms with your competition.

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