Is Entrepreneurship Lonely and Depressing?Tips for the Indian Entrepreneur

Are no social life and immense loneliness the standard sacrifice for becoming a successful entrepreneur?

So there is a famous saying by Rabindranath Tagore it’s “Jodi tor dak shune keu na ashe, tobe ekla cholo re”

It roughly means ‘when you are looking and asking for help and if no one is responding and no one is there with you, then if required walk alone, but keep on moving’.

So when you are doing entrepreneurship or starting your own business or doing something which is against the system, that has been laid down by the society, by your friends, by your family, so you are going against everyone. So obviously you will get opposition from everyone.

You won’t get help from everyone, but you have to be very persistent. Entrepreneurship or any journey where the benefits at the end are huge, the initial phase is very hard and lonely. You have to go through a lot of mental and physical pressure.

Mental pressure because you will have a lot of stress, you will have no one beside you, maybe your mom and dad will be there or maybe your mentor will be there or maybe there will be few people who will be looking up to you, but they have blind faith in you.

The initial stage is very good actually because you are getting rid of all those people around you who are not helping you and dragging you down. So it is quite good that when you are taking an initiating or when you are starting by yourself or taking a risk and when people are leaving you behind, it’s rather you are leaving them behind.

You have to look at the brighter side. After a lot of struggle, after finding your own calling and working really hard and being persistent with your objective, you will find a lot of people who are like-minded and who will support you and you need those kinds of people in your life.

So yes it is a part of the whole game. Do not be dragged down thinking you will be alone or you will be a social outcast. Because at the end, if you are successful, if you have your own successful business, if you have wealth, then everyone is going to come to you and ask for help.

Do you know any rich person to whom no one goes and ask for help? Every rich person is bogged down by people who are constantly asking for money or for help.

I am not saying that don’t help people because after going through struggling, working really hard to achieve that specific goal in your life, you should at least help people when you reach that goal.

I know the struggle as I didn’t get that platform to reach that level, so I will help out people as much as I can to help them achieve their success and their goal in their life.

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