Should a Stable but Small Startup Raise Money, and Grow Fast, or Stay Independent and Grow Slow?

This is an interesting question, I have been in the same situation before and trust me it was so confusing that it made me keep awake for a week or so.

So here it goes.

When you raise money, you dilute equity and get investors on board.

If you are holding 100% equity currently, you will have to go through the task of having your startup valued after going through your cash flow, assets, liability etc which is a time-consuming process and will divert your attention from your startup activities to running around CA’s and auditors.

After pitching to investors, you might have to chase them for their attention and money. They will make sure they the biggest share of the pie – they always do.

Once you have an investor on board, you will be answerable to every decision even if you have a silent investor.

You have to very careful with whom you work with, money will help you relax a little bit but have a non-compliant investor is like having a matrimonial nightmare- you don’t want that. It eventually leads to divorce and loss of your assets(no offense).

When you’re bootstrapping and have positive cash flow, then scale very slowly.

Very slowly, very very slowly.

Test and max out your resources at every stage before scaling up else you might fail and lose money and goodnights’ sleep.

Stay independent, have 100% ownership and control over your business, hire right people onboard and grow slowly – this growth will be much more sustainable than scaling rapidly and falling on your face.

Rather focus on your business,products and customer and to some extent marketing.

Hope it helps.


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