Best Startup Ideas for Girl Entrepreneurs with Low Investment in India [2018]

What is the best startup ideas for girl entrepreneurs with low investment in India?

I congratulate you that you are really interested in starting your entrepreneurial journey.

The best and the low investment business that you can start is freelancing.

If you’re all alone, you don’t have that experience or the professional experience to go out and run a business or create a business, because starting a business is very easy but to run that business, to make it successful, it’s another story.

It’s very hard, it’s very tough.

So what you need is if you have an experience, then it’s really good and if you don’t have as you mentioned that you are like a fresher.

So, as you have mentioned that you are a fresher in this area and you don’t know about how to and where to start your entrepreneurial journey, so the best suggestion that I will give you is, find out what do you want what do you.

If you like traveling then you should concentrate or find out a niche. You need to find out the niche where you can generate an income or find a possibility of creating a market there.

Suppose, if you like cooking or makeup and stuff, do this. A lot of people are doing this and the beauty market, the fashion market are a huge market. So find out what do you want. If you like writing, then write blogs, do freelancing. You can find a lot of websites like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork where you can do freelancing and get that experience and in that period, you will gain the experience of working with lots of customers, lots of clients who are not from India, maybe they’re from US, Australia, UK, maybe Netherlands or Russia.

So you will have a lot of experience on how to deal with them, what is their mentality, so you will have a very broad overview about the world and how the business system works.

After you have found out the market that you are looking to approach or explore, then you make a business model for yourself and with the income, with the revenue that you have gained from the freelancing work that you have done, use that capital and invest in creating a brand.

I have made a video on “How to create a brand within three hundred dollars or fifteen thousand rupees in India?”

It’s very easy and simple to start a business, but as I mentioned it’s very hard to make it work. So you can start your business and then obviously you will know what are your weaknesses and what are your strengths. Work on your weaknesses like, if you are not very comfortable with editing or maybe post-processing or social media management, you can obviously use these websites as I’ve mentioned, like Freelancer and Fiverr and find those people to whom you can outsource the work.

You need to know how to delegate. You need to learn the art of delegating your work so you can improve your productivity. So these are the very broad overview terms that I have given you, but if you are looking to start your business right now, then what you need to do is obviously find work as per your liking on Fiverr, Upwork.

Secondary, with that experience, you will get to know about yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses and everything. You will have a very broad overview and the experience will help you along.

Then, after the revenue that you have generated, build up your business, a brand or website. You can and typically start an online business. It’s very easy and it can be scaled very easily. You don’t want a physical store where there are a lot of political factors like socio-economical factors which can and which will affect your business. So you want everything to be digital.

That is why Flipkart, Amazon, Microsoft are so successful. You have to find the niche where you want to work and you have to know the market because, if you have a very good product or service and if you don’t know where the market is, it’s not going to sell and if it’s not going to sell, your business is not going to work, because cash flow is the lifeline of any business and if your business is not able to have good cash flow, then it won’t survive.

Even though your ideas are bulletproof to your product and services, it will not work. So you have to be very clear. So these are all the broad overviews and after that, find out people to whom you can delegate those works which you do not want to do or you don’t have those strengths to complete all those projects or those assignments or those sectors of work sections of work and then you can eventually build up a team and start working and growing your business.

Please keep in mind that you cannot run a business by yourself, You need people to run a business because,remember that employees run the business and manage the business. That is why the business owners have managers to manage their business. They don’t go and just do accounting, they find out where the market is, they are looking to grow their business and they have hired managers to run their business.

This is how you need to do and I wish you all the best thank you for watching this video.

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