Why do so many people want to do jobs, instead of becoming an Entrepreneur?

Well, you may ask why people people drink cola?

They’d say, they drink it because they love it.

Same for a ‘typical’ entrepreneur.

Young ones are full of hope, dreams but lack experience and real-life knowledge – hence they easily jump ships and quit entrepreneurship. Some do make it but mostly they aren’t patient and want instant gratification which social media has taught us over the period of time.The best thing about being a young entrepreneur is having no liabilities whatsoever.

Slightly matured ones – typically in their late 20-’s or early/mid 30’s have moderate expectations and great dreams which is backed (sometimes) with facts and figures which helps them in estimating their if’s and out’s of their startup or ideas. They don’t easily jump ships and have a better temperament, patience, and clarity than young ones which is backed by their experience, they do have liabilities though which may hinder their decision making.

Matured ones – typically having wide experience with their field of expertise /business which helps them set up another new venture easier than the two genres of entrepreneurs. They have the backing of their core business and can absorb the setback if their startup fails. They know their market, their customer, their strategy and can prepare for better or worst in much-civilized manner.

But why am I writing all this? why is there no straightforward answer to your question i.e.

Why do so many people want to do jobs, instead of becoming an entrepreneur?

Well, they have one thing in common!

Guess what?

For me, anyone who takes these above-mentioned steps in an entrepreneur. Be it your local panwari or Barista franchisee owner.

Can you take these risks?

If you’re thinking about it, then it’s not for you!

If you’re sure about it, you might give it a try.

If you’re mad enough to go the intense process of being lonely, failing multiple times, lose your money, encounter endless sleepless nights and crawl through a river of shit/pain and come out clean on the other side.

Then, my friend – you’ll make it.

But sadly, its too much for everyone – hence they work for them who crawled through shit and help them make more wealth.

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