How can I become a successful entrepreneur?

What makes you a Successful Student or Chef or Artist?

The answer is Nothing Specific.

Whenever this question comes into your mind, what the first thing that pops up?

Money? Fame?

It is subjective but let me consider ‘having a positive cash flow business’ that generates profit is your definition or goal with the same.

When you start off your journey as an entrepreneur, it is hard, lonely and sometimes depressing at many stages and with hard work and sheer persistence you can make it into a ‘successful entrepreneur

Sounds easy? Does it?

Short answer: Have clarity and clear goals and guts to overcome any hurdles that come in your way to reaching your goals.

Long Answer: Know what you want and learn all the skills ( at least the basics so you can understand the situation and delegate it). Learn to be patient and be persistent. Have large if the not infinite appetite for taking risks.

Even longer answer :

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