What is the Best way to Stay calm in Crucial Situation? Life Tips India

There might be many situations in your life where you are not able to understand what you should do, you might be angry or anxious, or sad and you are likely to take a decision which you might regret later on.

What is the best way to stay calm in crucial situations

-Start with distancing yourself from the situation.

When you distance yourself from a situation that seems impossible or disturbing you provide yourself space to think and reconsider the situation rationally. It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting with your girlfriend or your mother, anger and discomfort overpower your sense of logic and morality. Hence you need to remove yourself out of that situation. Relax, and breathe. It helps to calm your BP and your heart rate.

-Have water, eat ice cream or some other relaxing snack or food, or listen to calm music to divert your attention from that situation. Don’t focus on what is stressing you out but focus on something positive.

-When you have taken your distance and your break the part of you that overpowered you will stop. Soon after you need to be analytical, you have to consider the consequences

-Don’t be emotional. Don’t make rash decisions. Think about crucial things before you make small decisions too. Such as shopping etc. Clarify your reasons to go about with your decision. No matter what it is. Always have clarity.

Once you have followed these steps, you will learn to organise your emotions and reason as two different things and that will help you stay calm in stressful situations.

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