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What should I do in my free time after I finish my job?

Let’s start at the beginning. There are two things you need to consider.


If you are invested in the job and see a future in this profession study about your profession or workspace.

-Look for options how you can improve yourself and go to the next level talk to the people, create a network for yourself with a lot of people there and learn more.

If in case you do not see a future with this profession. You have ample amount of free time on your hands.

-Start with making a list of things you want to do, or achieve.

-Give yourself some space to think clearly. Keep away your gadgets and think.

-If you want to work at a better place or study further on research about it. Use the resources you have, such as the internet. You can always buy books online and read them.

-For example, if business management is what you want to do in the future, there are ample amount of websites that will help you learn daily.

Of course, it will be tough but it takes time and effort to get results

-Give this half an hour a day in the beginning and gradually increase the amount of time.

-Don’t overdo things. You cannot push yourself to achievement overnight. Success and learning is a process. It takes growth and time.


-Take care of yourself. Work out, go to a gym or go for a walk. Learn to relax. Take time out for your health

-Not just physically, but also mentally. Maintain a journal so it can help you organise your thoughts as well as your life. It is like your autobiography of sorts. Your journal can remind you of your goals constantly and hence you won’t lose sight of your aspirations and dreams. It will also help people remember you.

-Try doing little things that help make a difference, for instance, feed a street dog or join an NGO part-time. It will help you feel good and give you a sense of gratitude which in turn will help you sleep well too.

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