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So the next question is what is the most profound business idea what is the most

profound business idea to make it very simple any idea that works that is the

most profound business idea right so how do you know that your idea is usable or will succeed the first thing first is if you have something in your mind you know okay this is what I want this is the idea that I have in my mind the first

thing that you need to do is you have to write down the idea that you have the

first thing that you need to know I need to do is from here to him you need to

write it down on a piece of paper then find out who is your client what is your

market what is the market size and what kind of leaders that you require and how can you sell your customers how can you serve your customers and why will your customers buy from you these are the few factors and you have to take these things into consideration and when you see that the idea is viable how much

capital that you need and if you can afford it arrange it then obviously it’s very good these are the few things that you have to keep in mind whether the idea is

viable or not yyouvalidate the idea secondary is how to implement the

business model you have to have a business model what is the market size

who is your customer with a client how you are going to serve them and why are

they going to choose you you need to have a unique selling point and if you

have all these features and everything sorted out and if you have a rough

business model then you have what I can say is like a rough business model which works if you can say this is like kind of a profound idea that you have but until and unless you take the risk you take that this decision of starting the

business you are not going to create go anywhere so from here you need to take

it here you need to write it down and from there you need to plan and execute

it step by step if you do it if you try to run you will fall first you need to

do is learn how to crawl then walk then run don’t just like get up and start

running because you won’t be able to because you are not made for that you

have to prepare yourself you have to make yourself ready and then you will

win and I congratulate you and I wish you all the best if you find this channel

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