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So typically right now in this day and age of technology internet and everything the only startup that is going to succeed or win is a start-up which is solving problems.

If I right now if I make a start-up which makes something which the market doesn’t demand of the market doesn’t require, let me think about it what can it be suppose for example sparkling water in India sparkling water I think the market is very small production cost might be very high so it’s not a very viable or very scalable product right and in that case.

Similarly if you take that problem itself like purified water providing purifying water but if you provide or manufacture purified water at very minimal cost maybe 2 rupees a packet or 3 rupees a packet that we get and just send it like give it away because there are lots of locations in India where purified water is not accessible so if we can provide them with purified water at one between stool phase then obviously you are solving a social problem right so your company will grow because there is a demand by the central government, NGOs,by people itself they need it.

Same with Ola and Uber were trying to solve a social issue it’s kind of even if it’s not social if we don’t even call it social but there was issue we want it like right now in Kolkata people were harassed by yellow taxis.

Same goes for flipkart,now even if you wanted to buy something online for people who live in not in metropolitan cities it was very hard for them to like choose they never had the option like okay I have these many options they never had that they never got that whatever the local shopkeeper used to sell them they had to buy it.

Right now people have a plethora of options so Flipkart has provided them with a solution okay this is the solution but that we can give we will deliver the product to your doorstep Flipkart has started like cash-on-delivery that was not existent in the market ecommerce was there it was growing slowly and slowly you had to buy credit card online payment an Indian mentality.

It’s very tough to change Indian mentality, so it took a lot of time effort and investment from Flipkart and that is why Amazon already got an existing market so anyway.

So if you want to start up any business any business please it possible try to address the social problem it might be education and typically it is education because India has a growing population right and it has only 30 percent of operation is are in the age group of 20 to 35 they lack quality education right so if people do not get quality education there will be obviously motivated into vandalism,communal riots is what is happening in our country right now.

Second point is health care health care is in very bad stage, government health care system it’s I think it’s broken right?

If possible healthcare, housing,agriculture – if you can like startup or business which helps agriculture and everything so take up these social issues and I’m pretty much sure that your startup if your motive is very good if your vision is very long-term then you are going to succeed and that is that kind of startup is required in India and throughout the world which will solve social problems.

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