Reduce Stress & Improve Productivity Using These Steps – Vlog #003

In this blog i discuss about how to improve your productivity and reduce stress which will help you grow yourself and your business and few pointers which might be useful for you before you miss out those opportunities.
I this video I go through the following points and how these can help you make or break.

Social media
Online content consumption in form of youtube,netflix etc.
Blindly following someone’s opinions without verifying on your own.
Fear of failure, jealousy and greed can lead you to destruction and how to overcoming can help you grow
Too much Porn
Learn to share
Self discipline
Reading books,journal and experimenting with ideas
Talking to grandparents and parents and getting their life experience can change your attitude and life for good.

I discuss my daily life experience and share my knowledge with you guys from a Indian Start-up and still working my way up guy.
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