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Ever wondered how Flipkart became so big, how Jeff Bezos became the richest person in the world?

Every successful person has some similar traits, I’ll guide you what are those and how you can adapt them to your life easily and embed them in your subconscious mind or character.

The SOLE PURPOSE of this website is to pass on the experience and knowledge gained through failures, struggle and success achieved so far in my life.


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So you have a “million dollar idea” and aspiring to build your own startup business.

The Internet is filled with free suggestions but every new article or video makes you more confused?

Next step after Ideation is preparation where you will look further than just your ideas.

You will learn more about market size, adoption and analyze your competition, USP and much more

Here comes the touch part, with ideation and preparation you were only touching the tip of an iceberg. Now its time to face the game, work hard,improvise and succeed.

We will look into how you can implement step-by-step without losing patience and confidence in your idea and business

I mostly discuss:



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